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What are acne scars?

What are acne scars?

There is a significant difference between acne ‘marks’ and acne ‘scars’.

Acne marks are superficial discolourations of the skin without any change in the smoothness of the skin. They are the dark, flat spots that remain after the pimple has healed.

Acne scars are a result of intense inflammation that happens in severe acne cases, which are not properly treated on time. Scarring is a structural change. It can be either ‘Atrophic’, which is thin and gives a scooped-out appearance or ‘Hypertrophic’, which is thick and projects above the plane of the skin.

Acne scar removal is challenging and no single approach gives satisfactory results. A combination of treatments is required for the best long term outcome. Even then, patients are cautioned that they must not expect 100% perfect skin.

Multiple sessions are required over several months and adverse effects depend on the treatment protocol.

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Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scar treatments are meticulously personalized; promising results can be obtained by combining two or more of the following treatments:

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