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Plasma is the liquid part of the blood that cells float in. Platelets are one of the many types of cells within the blood. When we spin the patient’s blood in a centrifuge, the resultant product is Plasma that mainly contains Platelets and other important Growth Factors. The Red and White blood cells are removed.

prp treatment for hair loss in sharjah

In recent years, PRP has gained much popularity for its various benefits to the skin and hair.
Platelets, when injected back into the skin, become activated, and in turn, stimulate collagen production.

Growth factors play a major role in healing and regeneration. As a result, PRP improves skin quality and helps in hair loss related problems. The doctor will first make a complete assessment of your condition before determining whether PRP is the ideal treatment for you. Lab tests may be required.


A special mention must be made about PRP in hair loss. This treatment has been used widely for patients suffering from hair loss, either as a monotherapy or with other treatments. It is especially helpful in stress-related hair loss and post-hair transplant to nourish the newly rooted hairs.

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